Stingray Revenge

So now people are carrying out revenge attacks on stingrays as a result of Steve Irwin's freak death. Didn't they even get the point of his conservation messages?


Anonymous said…
Over the years you swam the oceans
Following feelings of your own
And now you are washed up on the shoreline
I can see your body lie, it's a shame you have to die ...

Maybe we'll go, maybe we'll disappear
It's not that we don't know
It's just that we don't want to care
Under the bridges, over the foam
Wind on the water, carry me home ...
mis_nomer said…
people are stupid.
Anonymous said…
"there had been reports of similar incidents in the past after fishermen had inadvertently caught stingrays and cut off their tails to avoid being stung"

People respond to new information. A much more parsimonious explanation is that fisherman are being way more careful than they used to be.

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