Charlotte's Web - in anticipation

I have to say I was very, very skeptical about the film version of Charlotte's Web. When I think about the magic of that book - or even that sheer expression of terror on Wilbur's face in the illustrations when Charlotte is dying - it makes me well up, and I had my doubts about how much any film version could do it justice. But the reviews look good, and the preview does seem to show a film that hews to the spirit of E.B. White's classic. Wilbur looks appropriately cute, Charlotte looks like a real spider (rather than some cartoony one), and I do like the use of some distinctive voices - Steve Buscemi, Andre Benjamin from Outkast, Reba McEntire. So... please let this be good please let this be good. Some pig, indeed.

Link to trailer


Anonymous said…
Why is she spinning and weaving away all night long?
What is she trying so hard to convey with her silent song? ...

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