Linksfest: A Design for Life

Some pieces on design:

  • The roller toaster looks great. An awesome piece of Singaporean design.
  • A rave review of the Tesla Roadster. I hope someday to get a chance to drive the car. It's really nice to see that it replaces the internal combustion engine not just for environmental reasons but for performance.
  • Ten tips for top type. I particularly like point #3, on using typographer's quotes (and apostrophes):
    "Here's one thing the program can't do for you: It can't tell an apostrophe from a single open-quote at the start of a word. That's how you end up with a backwards apostrophe before an abbreviated year ('98, '06), or with the two apostrophes in "rock 'n' roll" looking like mirror images of each other, instead of identical."
    The backwards apostrophe always annoys me.
  • Trans-krypt: setting song lyrics to graphic design. Which is where the "A Design for Life" art comes from.


Anonymous said…
All around the country coast to coast,
People always say what do you like most,
I don't wanna brag I don't wanna boast,
I always tell 'em I like toast ...

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