The Arcade Fire, United Palace Theatre, New York

Arcade Fire

Just caught the Arcade Fire live at the United Palace Theatre up in Washington Heights in New York. Incredible show. Especially the one-two punch of "Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)" and "Rebellion (Lies)" that closed out the main show before the encore. "Rebellion (Lies)" is amazing to hear live - the build up, and then the release, with the whole crowd screaming. Seemed that the Funeral songs were better concert songs, although maybe that was just because the crowd were more familiar with them. "Antichrist Television Blues" was outstanding - have to say though, it does sound like Springsteen - and the spare version of "Neon Bible" I thought played well in the converted church...

Family, religion, they tackle the big subjects and do them well (and with every conceivable instrument).

All right, while sleeping is giving in, I think I need to head to bed. More on the show when I'm not as dazed...


Anonymous said…
Lucky you!

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