I, For One, Welcome Our Animated Overlords

Simpsons movie

I'm a huge Simpsons junkie - smartest show on TV, even if it might never hit the seasons 4-8 peaks of consistency - and I'm really looking forward to the Simpsons movie, but with a bit of trepidation - what if it just becomes some extended shaggy-dog story (not that that couldn't be funny) on the order of Saddlesore Galactica (Worst. Episode. Ever.)?

Still, even this little snippet on the plot from the NY Times made me laugh:
The plot seems to involve the town of Springfield dealing with an environmental disaster that Homer accidentally starts. (Also, for some reason, Homer has a beloved pet pig.)
Pet pig! (Homer-like-chuckle.)

In anticipation, here's 101 jobs of Homer Simpson:


I.Z. Reloaded said…
Dude someone who has seen some private footage of the film told me that it's like watching a normal episode of Simpsons while high on drugs.

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