A garden of forking paths

Just noting down for my own memory some good artwork that I saw (largely in Sydney, at the Museum of Contemporary Art's The Hours exhibition), before I forget it:
  • Matthew Ngui's work, in general
  • Nell, "Unlimited Radiance" - that pic doesn't do justice to the qualities of this work (I'm not sure any pic can), which shimmies and sparkles
  • Mathew Jones, "The New York Daily News on the day before the Stonewall Riot copied by hand from microfilm records", 1996 (Link)
  • Vik Muniz, "I Am What I Read", "Che (Black Bean Soup)"
  • Betsabee Romero, "Requiem for the Unknown Pedestrian II" - tires engraved with musical notes to create a kind of sheet-music print
  • Los Carpinteros, "Downtown (Centro)" - furniture as landscape
  • Nicola Constantino, the Human Furriery series - items covered in silicone nipples and anuses - the NY Times called it "sensationally tasteless".
  • Santiago Sierra, "465 personas remuneradas", 1999
  • Nadin Ospina, Disney characters as fake Pre-Columbian art
  • And something whose name I can't remember, but involved boomerangs with Spanish expletives carved into them (I think).


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