On Krispy Kremes

I came back from Sydney carting 6 boxes of Krispy Kremes (6 in each box). At the airport, the security guy spotted the boxes and the following exchange ensued:
Security guy (in mock-stern fashion): "Hmm... you know you're not supposed to take more than 100ml of liquids or creams into the plane".
Me (quick on the uptake): "No cream in these ones - they're glazed!"
Security guy: "Attempt to get doughnuts foiled again, damn"
Upon returning, I promptly put the doughnuts in the fridge. Then it dawned on me. The only two things in my fridge were doughnuts and beer. I had Homer Simpson's fridge.

But boy were they good. I stretched them out - had to make them last. One of my Facebook friends mentioned guilt from doughnut eating. Guilt's too good an emotion to waste on food. Mmm, donuts...


Anonymous said…
The only two things in my fridge were doughnuts and beer.

No Coke, dear??! I find that hard to believe. :-)

Daryl said…
:) I'm trying to cut down...

Oh, all right, you got me, I just ran out! *he confesses*
kachuaz said…
when i went back in july, i had 4 boxes of 12's and none were for myself!

strangely enough, i didnt try any of the KK while i was in Sydney for 1st 5mths i was there. lol.

still dun like it, too sweet for mua~

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