Had we but world enough, and time

As astute followers of this blog (um, if any are out there) will notice, posting frequency has declined lately... fortunately, I don't think I've stopped listening to new music - although I'm not sure that listening to Stile Antico's compline album counts as 'new music' - but it is brutal, finding time both to experience the world and to write on the experiences.

With all that said, the Simpsons movie is excellent. Still nowhere near the best of the Simpsons - could probably think of 10 episodes of the show that outdo it - but that's not taking anything away from the movie, it was still damn funny. Was laughing from the moment Ralph Wiggum sang along to the 20th Century Fox tune. The movie format seemed to let them do a lot more drawn-out action sequences, I thought - Bart skateboarding reminded me of the Homer/Marge nude Natural Born Kissers sequence, while the scene with Flanders making hot chocolate was pretty good.

I was hoping they'd somehow reference not just all the existing characters but also ones like Lunchlady Doris, Maude Flanders and so on... but then I've only seen it once, I'll go again to see what I missed.


Anonymous said…
Hey Mr Sng(or Daryl)

Haha. Your finding of new experiences and commenting on them make our life more insightful. Thanks for that.

(Don't think you can remember me.haha.never mind.)

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