Everybody move to the back of the bus

Is there any more wonderful sight on a Singapore bus than the "Maintenance in Progress" sticker on those danged TV Mobile TVs? They blare random programmes regardless of whether passengers want to watch, they skip annoyingly, they show Chinese shows without subtitles thus alienating minority populations. Peace and quiet, ah.

The TV Mobile slogan is "TV Mobile - It's Everywhere", which I find strangely non-positive sounding. You could say something is everywhere while loving it ("Oxygen - it's everywhere!") or while hating it ("Cockroaches - they're everywhere!").


Anonymous said…
I share your pain...I share your pain...The incessant drone of TV mobile is up there with the aunty sitting next to me and smearing "hong yew" over her forehead and neck, and the loony 2 seats back that keeps raising his voice by several decibels every 3 sentences.


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