Quoth the crow, never more

Every morning, I take a little walk to work across the Elgin Bridge (built 1929, separates North Bridge Road and South Bridge Road, oldest crossing in Singapore probably given that there's been a bridge there since 1819). Gives me a great sense of this country's history as I look across the river on the bumboats to the old Hill Street Police Station. But the last two days have seen a more pedestrian (literally) complaint - this danged crow keeps flying straight into the back of my head as I walk to work! Apparently I'm not the only one affected - this old Indian man pointed to the crow after it hit me and started swearing at it. In fluent Hokkien, amazingly. Besides my worries about being hit on the head and aggravating my concussion, I actually find this whole situation quite amusing. Only in Singapore. Will try to get a photo of the Evil Head-Hunting Crow. But unlikely.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to find interesting Singapore blogs that aren't about weepy teenage angst. Currently I like: syntaxfree, particularly as her latest entry talks about the awesomeness of Ludacris' "Southern Hospitality". Throw dem bows...


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link, Daryl. It's nice to know there's a Singaporean blogger out there who isn't turned off by my music geekiness. (I usually assume most people just skip those music posts.) And from reading some of your recent entries, I can assure you that I'll be a regular visitor here too. :)

Anonymous said…
You might find this to be an interesting Singapore blog:

Daryl said…
Music geekiness is much appreciated around these parts. Hey, I spent way too much of my life scouring record stores and collecting LPs - might as well put it to use.
Anonymous said…
I don't know why, but whenever i think of popping by your blog, I always look for the link under my 'media' folder rather than the 'blogs' folder. I guess that more or less sums things up.

Am waiting for an update on the crow situation. It's been raining here so much I saw 3 ducks waddling across the car park the other day. -TC

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