Coca-Cola Blak

Meanwhile, Coke has released Coca-Cola Blak, its coffee-flavoured extra-caffeine less-sugar cola. I'm always intrigued by variants of Pepsi and Coke - have been since I first drank Crystal Pepsi. Part of that is, of course, we don't get that much variety here in Singapore. (Let the Americans be the guinea pigs - or, in this case, the French.) So I wonder what it tastes like...

I'm more intrigued by the nomenclature, actually. Why drop the "c" in "black"? I understand the "oh dropping letters is trendy" idea - but why drop the letter most distinctly associated with Coca-Cola? This faux-trendy name thing has got the stop, in any case. Good Lord, next thing you know, we'll have "Coca-Cola OMG LOL!!".


Daryl said…
I don't understand high fructose corn syrup - Coke/Pepsi outside America tastes better, I think, because they use actual sugar. And mixing it with aspartame is just... odd.

The French version sounds like how it should be, even though I don't drink coffee myself.
I am still trying to get my hands on Coca-Cola Blak. Will report back with a lengthy, pompous review when I do.
Daryl said…
The lengthier - and pompousier - the better.
Anonymous said…
Apparently it's 'Blak' because that's a heck of a lot easier to copyright.

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