Man, I'm so exhausted - even fell asleep in a talk a few days back. Sometimes life's like sleepwalking. Although at various points the emphasis switches between the automatism and the exhaustion encapsulated within that metaphor.

Speaking of sleep, here's a few lines from Randall Jarrell's "Woman":
Let me sleep beside you, each night, like a spoon;
When, starting from my sleep, I groan to you,
May your "I love you" send me back to sleep.
At morning bring me, grayer for its mirroring,
The heavens' sun perfected in your eyes.
It's been quite a while since I read any Jarrell, but it was good to be reminded of these lines - there's a certain earthy beauty in them.


Anonymous said…
Nice. You've inspired me to read Jarrell.

And glad you're mum's back :)
Daryl said…
Thanks b_b!

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