Canon Rock

The New York Times reveals the identity of "funtwo", the guy playing Pachelbel's Canon in that video above. Somewhere in the middle - around 3:30 or so - the playing gets really, really impressive.


Anonymous said…
WOW! im just, speechless it was fantastic! The way he switch notes and how fast he moved his fingers. I am learning how to play the guitar but i kno ill never ever be as good as him. He made it look so esasy but i know of course it kills your fingers.
Anonymous said…
Whoaaa!!! *eyes popping* :-O
Anonymous said…
This guy iz great.
Anonymous said…
There are significant differences between FunTwo's performance and Jerry C's performance. One should listen to the differences in technical interpretation. FunTwo is very metronomic and highly technical where Jerry C employs musical nuances such as diminution or augmentation. An example of where Jerry C pushes the beat slightly is at 3:53 where FunTwo keeps straight time.

Right after the break at 4:19, Jerry C ascends in a scalar fashion to the climax and FunTwo will skip intervalically to the climax.

Tonally, Jerry C uses darker tonality and FunTwo has chosen a brighter tonality.

There are many facits of the musicality of these two excellent performances.

I would like to see more analysis of these artists' interpretations of the Canon Rock from Pachelbel's Canon.
Anonymous said…
Who draws the crowd and plays so loud
Baby it's the guitar man.
Who's gonna steal the show, you know
Baby it's the guitar man...
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Hi Daryl,

What do you think about this version?

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