Bangkok Chile (Slight Return)

Haven't had the chance to post in ages - and in fact this will only be a slight return - Bangkok photos up soon, but here's quick Bangkok impressions that I had jotted down on my laptop a week ago and hadn't had time to post - the sea of yellow was really apparent: it's the 60th year of King Bhumipol's ascension, plus the King was undergoing surgery when I was there, and the Thais were all showing their support. Even at the wholesale Bo Be clothes market, down below my hotel. it seemed like the only things on sale were yellow shirts.

I wish I knew some basic Thai - yesterday, at Suan Lum market, I walked around with a Malaysian conference participant, and realised they immediately spoke to him in English, but quite happily tried to chat with me in Thai. At the very least, it would be nice to know what the price they were quoting me in Thai would be! As it stood, I picked up a fake Andy Warhol-style Marilyn Monroe print to hang, and a used copy of the Rolling Stones' Some Girls record (great pullout sleeve). Yes, I sometimes remember my travels via the vinyl I pick up.


Anonymous said…
Welcome back Daryl. Have been waiting quite expectantly for your posts.

I have been following your blog for quite sometime now and its been a part of my daily morning routine to log in and check out your posts.

I am Vasu from India. Hope you dont mind the intrusion here.
Anonymous said…
It must be pleasant to know that you are the first thing someone looks at in the morning.
pictures! we (i) demand pictures!
Daryl said…
Thanks Vasu!

screwy - you want pics, you got pics.
Anonymous said…
God save our gracious King, long live our noble King ..."

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