Random Mac question

How do you rotate the thumbnails of pictures in Finder?

Also - is there a good way to batch-rename files? Google throws up a variety of solutions, but what do people like?

Otherwise - very pleased with my purchase thus far.


Anonymous said…
I use CocoThumbX for thumbnail management (when thumbnails actually manage to bother me), and Automator's batch rename features as a contextual menu to rename multiple files. I can't remember where I got instructions from, but there's one available to try here.
Han said…
I use Toyviewer for a very good basic picture editor, and Renamer4Mac for batch renames. Both are Universal Binary, so perfect for your MacBook.

R4M is seriously good, I swear by it. You can rename using many ways, go try it out.
Daryl said…
Thanks yj and lj - will try those out!

You know, of all products in the Microsoft Office for Windows suite, I miss Microsoft Office Picture Manager. It did do renaming beautifully, as well as rotation and cropping and other basic but necessary things.

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