Youth and Climate Change - Clean and Green Week

Promoting something I'm helping in organising... feel free to show up, bring friends :)

Youth and Climate Change: Making a World of Difference

A Clean & Green Week Youth Forum with

Dr Joel Swisher, Rocky Mountain Institute, USA
A/Prof Ho Hiang Kwee, NTU
Mr Fabian Foo, WWF Singapore

Moderator: Mr Howard Shaw, Singapore Environment Council

Venue: Republic Polytechnic - Theatrette / Movies, Level 3, Building W3.
Date: Sunday, 5 Nov 2006
Time: 11.30 am – 1.00 pm
Admission: Free


Anonymous said…
Wish I could go but am not free ... I hope this year's Clean & Green week will be better than last year's, where there were so many "un-recyclable" items in the goodie bag - plastic umbrellas etc., that someone I know joked it should be re-named "Dirty & Wasteful" week. ;-) Hope you'll post some photos when it's over.
Anonymous said…
Our planet's always changin'
Forever rearrangin'
It's sure that things have never just stayed the same
Sometimes the climate's warmer
And then it's frozen over
So what's all the fuss about climate change? ...

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