6 months on

Before Sunset

"Last night. Okay. Six months from last night. December sixteenth, six o'clock in the evening, track eleven. It's a train ride for you, but I got to fly over. But hey, I'll be here." - Jesse, in Before Sunrise
So, it's December 16 - which is the date the lovers were supposed to have met, 6 months later, by the end of Before Sunrise. And, totally unplanned, I spent part of today reading my newly-acquired screenplays for Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, which I suspect is one of the wisest films on relationships ever made. Before Sunset is optimistic in the best of all ways: knowing about the ravages of time, knowing about constraints, knowing about all the flaws in each other and still the lovers continue their conversations, this time knowing what a precious thing they had years ago, and then come the extraordinary, intense scenes at the end where Celine and Jesse discuss their respective troubled relationships...

While I thought Before Sunrise was a great film, Before Sunset truly took my breath away - one of those films where I just sat at the end, watching the credits roll, trying to take it all in.


Anonymous said…
Ah yes. Sunset was so much more grown-up and heartwrenching and that made it all the more wonderfully intense. Someday I want to re-watch them back to back.

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