Winter focus

The bitter cold has a funny way of focusing the mind - for four years I griped through winters in Boston, but here in Montreal I've come to realise I may hate the cold, I may get depressed by it, but it creates a clarity of mind in me. Today I walked through the hustle of Quartier Chinois, down the cobblestoned streets of Vieux Montreal, trudged along till snow snuck swimming into my shoes and my face felt about to be sloughed off, sheared by the wind. But what one learns about oneself sometimes is pretty priceless.

Then a nip and tuck into Aix, where I treated myself to foie gras and pecan. Because I know a good restaurant when I see one, and life's too short not to do right by yourself.


Anonymous said…
i hate the windchill in toronto. it really gets to you, especially when its blowing at insane speeds like 56 km/h. i hope you're enjoying montreal. i can't wait to visit that place but alas, exams beckon. happy holidays!

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