The Cathay

The Cathay

Went into the Cathay last night to catch The New World. Yup, "the" Cathay, newly renovated and freshly in possession of a definite article. The building still has the new-building new-coat-of-paint smell to it. Peeked into the Picturehouse after the show ended - boy those seats look great.

As for the film itself, its central lesson seems to be something anyone who's read People knows: don't ever fall for Colin Farrell. It'll screw up your life, cause your family village to be burnt to the ground, that sort of thing. (Or you might get $3 million.)

Good Lord, Q'Orianka Kilcher is only 16 years old? She certainly looked a lot older.


Anonymous said…
I cant understand how people can complain and rant about how they cant bring food and drinks into the Picturehouse. What's 2 hours without stuffing your face? It's OK when you're watching a performance at the Esplanade but not OK when it's an art house movie?

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