You've got a place to go

And so it goes: my aunt swapped phones with my mum so that my mum has a phone with Bluetooth. Which means that despite the fact that I can't actually enter the ward, I can send her photos that I took with my phone. (Her card doesn't receive MMSs, so this was a kludge of a solution.) Stood outside the door of her ward this evening sending a photo of dad and Rerun. Saw her beaming when she saw the photo. Ah, technology.

I stare through the sliver of glass on the door, making sure she's okay. I catch myself obsessively sanitising my hands, avoiding the slightest chance of spreading an infection.

Today, driving home from the hospital, there was an incredibly bright full moon. The radio was on Gold, the "classic hits" station. Juice Newton's "Angel of the Morning" came on, and we both sang along to the chorus. Then Michael Jackson's "Ben" came on (which is weird, the second time I've thought about that song this week), and Dad suddenly remarked that he had gone on a date with Mum to watch the movie a long time ago. I said, yeah, it came out in 1972 - that movie about a boy and his pet rat. He didn't remember the rat part. I suppose the important thing was the date.


Rani said…
so sweet that thing you do to your mum!

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