Watching the Oscars

Random snippets of comments from mum watching the Oscars:

"George Clooney has really aged well"

"Jake Gyllenhaal has dreamy eyes"

"George Clooney strikes me as a very intelligent man... I couldn't stand Brad Pitt's comments on Jennifer Aniston - I mean, if you want to date Angelina, that's fine"

"Dolly Parton has an impossible waist"

During the "films about social issues" montage, when they were showing a bit from Network: "Who was his costar?" (and when I forget, to my shame, she confidently goes "Faye Dunaway").

"I wanted Felicity Huffman to win"

Other random pop-culture trivia questions that arose during the course of viewing, although this time out of genuine curiosity: "who's Catherine Keener's husband? I know he's an actor"; "what film was that from?" (Inherit the Wind, I think, was the answer); "what else has Philip Seymour Hoffman been in?"; "Ismail Merchant is dead?"

So if you want to know how I was raised - that gives you some sense.


And as for my own quick thoughts on the Academy Awards - why was Ang Lee was put 8 rows back instead of somewhere more prominent? Seemed odd. Although he did get an aisle seat for when he received his expected Oscar... Jon Stewart was decent, but he's funnier on a daily basis... Did they include Something's Gotta Give in the "social issues" montage? What were all those montages for anyway?... If I ever in my life get to give an acceptance speech, I might model it after George Clooney's... As for Crash vs Brokeback Mountain - Crash was decent with some fine acting performances, but I don't think it touched Brokeback. Your mileage may vary.


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