Linksfest: Mind Over Matter

Because sometimes you need all the diversions you can find:

  • How Roma adopted the "Seven Nation Army" bassline as its chant (Francesco Totti's rendition of the tune in the middle of the piece is pretty terribly off-key)
  • More gushing over Sarah Silverman, this time from the Observer. I'm glad I caught Jesus is Magic a few years back. Silverman's hosting of the Independent Spirit Awards was pretty cool too, particularly seeing Matt Dillon's cold response. (Random question: wasn't Matt Dillon in town quite a long time back, and no one recognised him?)
  • A friend alerts me to Pandora, which creates a radio station with songs you would like based on artists you already like. I typed in "The White Stripes", and it returned two songs I didn't know but ended up liking, Damien Jurado's "Inevitable" and Pink Noise Test's "All the Same to Me", as well as the Strokes' "Electricityscape", which I do really like.
  • Kanye West's girlfriend gets pissed off at online haters.
  • The Londonist highlights "Wake Me Up" stickers. (You can pick them up here.) Oddly enough, the past few days I keep bumping into "Wake Me Up When September Ends" while scanning the radio.


beng said…
more distractions for you:

the2ndrule latest issue is up:
(thanks for the guest edit)

my version of the seven nation army that I did quite a while back:


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