Suan Lum Night Bazaar ferris wheel

Well, some of you asked for photos of Bangkok - I can't say I have that many (I actually did work there - not much time to see the sights!), but here's one of the ferris wheel at Suan Lum Night Bazaar.

Bangkok trip photos


Anonymous said…
that's a very nice picture!

enjoy yourself in Bangkok. :) i'm very jealous.
Anonymous said…
Nice perspective on the ferris wheel. The showers in the background in photo 9 were nice too ...
Travis said…

Just wondering what happened to your sox blog?
Daryl said…
ballsy - thanks v much!

anon - thanks too! what showers?

travis - don't worry, it'll be back - was laid low by travel + illness + work - but am recharged now.
Anonymous said…
There's a little curtain of rain just below the clouds on the right ... sorry, I look at these things all the time. hee hee. :)

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