Fort Canning Park

Spent last Saturday wandering around Fort Canning Park, site of many a youthful football game where the ball got kicked into the cemetery. It's been spruced up quite a bit since then, which makes for nicer paths although it's lost a bit of its ramshackle charm. I remember the old fort bits which us boys used to climb up: covered in moss, slippery as hell, and an adventure. My old primary school is now the National Archives building, and I discovered a path up from there to the park... here's a pic:

Something I didn't know existed but which I was glad to stumble across was this archaeological site, where they had dug up some pre-19th century artifacts, such as pot shards, old Chinese coins (the currency of the region), and even a gold 13th-century gold ornament with a lion symbol. Here's pics of the site. It's nice when people remember that Singapore's history doesn't just start with the coming of the British in 1819...

All pics taken using my Palm Zire 71, which explains the grain. I think using the Zire leads to some interesting shots, though I wish I'd brought my Lomo along.


Anonymous said…
i am an architecture student and i have a project which require me to design a visitor centre in fort canning park. i happened to chanced upon your blog and i saw some beautiful pictures taken at the archaeological site. i was wondering if the debris of the old building was of chinese styled architecture. as i am always interested in traditional chi and jap's tectonics approaches to architecture. thanks
Anonymous said…
*happen to chance upon....and see some.....*

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