Juiced ball era

Talk about small sample sizes... you can start voting for the baseball All-Star Game now! So now Manny has one vote, at least... the game's at Minute Maid Park. Why is the brand Minute Maid called thus? I like to think of it as "minute", pronounced "MAI-nyute". A diminutive domestic helper, bearing glasses of OJ.

Meanwhile, I just signed up for Google's Gmail, which is unsurprising given my general obsession with things Google 1. I just think the ability to enter math questions, FedEx/UPS tracking numbers, flight numbers, conversion requests, area codes, and all of that is amazing... and then to add in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in-joke - icing on the cake! Hmm. It's wrong to be this loyal to any company's products... but catalogs.google.com is just so great.

1 Yes, I know about the privacy issues surrounding Gmail. But I figured I also use Yahoo!, and I don't object to them filtering the text of my e-mails to check for spam.

2 The footnote is sadly underused in blogging, and therefore, in a rip-off of David Foster Wallace, I am attempting to revive it.

3 A man? A prisoner! A cage? Iron! Did Noriega care? No, sir! Panama!


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