Movie Review - Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion

The Singapore Film Festival is on again. Unfortunately, while last year I could blog about the Festival to my heart's content, this year I have to work. So far, I've only caught Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion, an extremely moving documentary on the plight of the Tibetan people. Makes one really sad. I liked that they showed the supporters of Tibet to be a wide, varied group, including many Asians, not just the stereotype of New Age hippies. Indeed, the most embarrassing moment would be the scenes of the mosh pit in the Free Tibet concert; but somehow, I've never heard a more affecting singing of "Losing My Religion", if only because in the context of the film the lyrics take on both the original, metaphorical, end-of-one's-rope sense and the literal. To see the grief in the monks and nuns, to hear their descriptions of the tortures endured, and to see their determination to remain non-violent despite it all... all very moving. Makes me wonder whether those Tibetans who ran the now-defunct Rising Moon restaurant in Harvard Square had stories to tell.

Next film: twentyninepalms...


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