Sights of last week:

1. Thurs, 8.45am. Coast Guard and police vehicles, and various policemen stood around the Singapore River, with a police boat moving around the river. Obviously something had happened. Someone fell in? Lord knows. People just stood at the bridge and watched, but no one could say for sure what had happened. River taxis and bumboats were halted on both sides of the bridge. Nothing in the news the next day

2. Thurs, 12.50pm. Old man pedals along on one of those bicycles with a side-car attachment. Very normal when you're near Chinatown. Weird part was, he had one of those old marble coffeeshop tables tied up on the sidecar! Man, I love those tables.

Or maybe the weird part is that Singapore, a country that is 75% ethnic Chinese, even has a Chinatown...


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