Singapore Sox Fan

I've decided to move my baseball-related thoughts to a separate Singapore Sox Fan blog, so the main blog sorts out the baseball meanderings and focuses on the other miscellany that flounders in my mind.

Such as this: I was reading an old issue of Glamour magazine and they had a list, "12 ways to be happier this minute". Number one on that list was "Remember a compliment you've gotten and let yourself believe it", which made me sad. Are people (or at least the target audience of Glamour, which I presume to comprise women in their 20s) so unwilling to believe compliments that a magazine feels the need to remind them? It seems rather self-destructive to shield one from feeling good about oneself, on the (off-)chance that the complimenter was insincere or inaccurate. Sometimes it seems people like to push happiness away...


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