Another Rand development

Right, so Singapore keeps being filled with all these new condominiums with names that have zero sense of place - they're just generic sounding names such as "Palm Fronds" or "Sun Island" (I'm making these up, of course). So why not create one named the Fountainhead? I can see the ad copy now:
Celebrate your achievement at the Fountainhead. There are no second-hand souls here, no obligations to the community. Designed by a brilliant architect, the Fountainhead is near to independent, non-state-controlled schools. Freehold.
But I suppose the market for ironic literary references in housing developments must be tiny.


soliloquy said…
their ironic (not so literary) references stems from trying to assume the identity of exotic places like "The Caribbean".

most pathetic.
Michael McClung said…
i had a brief fling with objectivism in my early 20's until i realized you can't trust any philosophy that is utterly humorless.

drinks tonight at union bar, club street. short notice, but notice!
Anonymous said…
Ayn Rand?!?! Come on... We should call the development like Arakkis. Or Atreides. Or Gedi Prime. Or Foundation. Or Mines of Moria

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