DJing at Virtual Insanity, Cocco Latte

Entrance to Cocco Latte

So Virtual Insanity went on at Cocco Latte last night, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly DJing - will put forward a set list as soon as possible. Couldn't stay too late though - I wish I had the insolence of youth, that lovely prodigal use of time, but unfortunately the workday has its own demands. But glad people had fun! And all in the name of a good cause. Happy Hallowe'en everyone!

My Flickr photo set of the night - sadly, forgot the flash on my cameraphone, so the pics are not of the best quality


Sandra Ng said…

was good to see you again last night, though we didn't get the chance to talk.

thanks for agreeing to DJ at the event :)
Daryl said…
Good to see you too! And no problem - I had fun DJing :)

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