Two Songs: Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas

Saw that new Alicia Keys song, "Unbreakable", being performed on Unplugged last night as I was strolling through the local HMV, which makes it the 2nd time I've heard the song in 24 hours. It's really quite a terrible song. The whole conceit of comparing a relationship to a television programme just led to some cheesy lines ("Unbreakable! / Through the technical difficulties / Unbreakable! / We might have to take a break / But ya'll know we'll be back next week"). Man, I've read some of the gushing over the album, and I really don't get the love for this song.

Keys has always been one of those singers who I know has talent - she has the vocal chops and the musical skills - and clearly the talent shows in her covers ("Wild Horses", "Every Little Bit Hurts") on Unplugged, but her own songs have consistently underwhelmed me.

Speaking of songs I heard on the radio, the Black Eyed Peas "My Humps" is an utterly atrocious song, and continues to convince me that Fergie's entry into the Peas may have been good for them commercially, but is slowly destroying all their cred. I remember when the Peas used to deal with socially conscious stuff in their music - heck, I remember when they did a party song that wasn't moronic ("Request Line", with Macy Gray). Now I have to bear with an inane tune about Fergie's "lovely lady lumps".


Anonymous said…
"My Humps" is making me want to delete the entire BEP album off my iTunes and iPod.
Anonymous said…
Indeed. The incredible disparity in quality between "Bridging the Gap" and "Elephunk" leads me to believe that the BEPs were abducted by aliens and replaced by mindless automatons. How they went from complaining about how commercial hip-hop has gotten into being the most commercial hip-hop act in the world is such an awe-inspiring transformation.
Anonymous said…
Yay! Someone said it! Fergie's not been very good for the Black Eyed Peas, has she? I miss the days of 'That's the Joint', 'Fallin Up' and the collaborations with DJ Esthero and DJ Premier - BEP Empire anyone? :)
Ahmad said…
BEP iz teh selloutz.
Anonymous said…
i hate BEPS! never liked them. i thought "don't phunk with my heart" was bad but "my humps" is utterly disgusting. & did you see the mtv? i watched it this afternoon & its just senseless crap which is i think does not respect women. whatever happened to wu tang clan and RUN DMC. now that is respect

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