The Life of Leisure

Actually, one of the best moments of the Sunday wasn't DJing, as fun as it was, but eating one of the all-day breakfasts at the Book Cafe for dinner in the hour before I set up. That's one thing I miss a lot from the US - the ability to get corned beef, eggs, and toast as a meal at any time. And to spend late Sunday afternoon leisurely reading a book (Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller's SNL oral history Live From New York, which I took off the cafe's bookshelves and which I really should read in full) by myself, with the occasional SMS for company and very good cheer, struck me as supremely idyllic and splendidly redolent of a style of lazy Sunday afternoon that I'd thought I had lost.

Clearly I'm not alone in fingering the Book Cafe Sunday afternoon experience as something that seems somehow remniscent of foreign lands. Reading in a quiet cafe in solitude - sometimes that's all one needs.


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