Words I have had occasion to use

So one thing I like about my new mobile phone is that its dictionary is pretty smart, and seems to reorder itself according to the frequency with which you use words - so I don't have to keep cycling through "darwl" (what the hell is that anyway?) to get through to "Daryl". It also remembers how you like to capitalise words, which is pretty nifty.

Another thing I like is that you can go through the "My words" section to see what words you've added to the standard phone T9 dictionary. Here's some selected highlights from my list:
antacids, argh, aww, blog, cameo, Carrefour, CDs, conned, cufflinks, dengue, DJ, DJing, doable, dsng, DVD, DVDs, gmail, kerouac, lah, mambo, marina, Morocco, ouch, resend, roped, Sox
I wonder what that list says about me?


Anonymous said…
That's a terribly useful feature (seeing as how I borked my ability to type "ok" as the first choice on my phone after inserting an acronym for a friend's name). May I ask what phone it is?
T said…
I think the next step would be for phones to recognise that after typing 'I', you generally would want to mean 'am' rather than 'an'.

And it would be great to have a 'repeat last word' function. Think how much easier SMSing plurals in malay would be...
Daryl said…
YJ: a Sony Ericsson K750i

t: actually, I've used 'am' often enough that 'am' is the default first choice rather than 'an'. But yes, contextual word selection would be great.
T said…
How self-centred exactly are your SMSes?? =)

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