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A list of books I've bought from the ANA Bookstore in Far East Plaza, my source of quality cheap books, in the last week. How is it one can enter meaning only to get something to read while he's eating fish and chips and emerge arm-laden with the next month's supply of words?
  • Russell Celyn-Jones, The Eros Hunter
  • Christopher Claro and Julie Klam, Comedy Central: The Essential Guide to Comedy. Perhaps the most disappointing purchase of the lot - covers a lot of ground, but is not particularly funny in itself and has kind of a patronising tone.
  • Nick Hornby et al, Speaking With the Angel - Hornby's own "Nipplejesus" story is a funny reflection on art, and Colin Firth's piece was surprisingly good.
  • Andrea Levy, Small Island
  • Bruno Maddox, My Little Blue Dress
  • Ana├»s Nin, Henry and June - I suspect the (tastefully depicted) bare breast on the cover might make it a bit awkward for subway reading.
  • Steven Pinker, How the Mind Works - I love Pinker's The Language Instinct, high hopes for this one, particularly as there seems to be some stuff on vision and brain, one of my favourite topics.
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Anonymous said…
Pinker's book is excellent! And Small Island is a good read.
cole. said…
i've been eyeing that pinker book for a while. do review it when you're done.
7-8 said…
I've not read the Mind book but I've read his Blank Slate halfway. Great book but a little partisan. And I intend to get through Daniel Dennett's "Consciousness Explained" before I go on to "How the Mind works". (I own both books)
Badaunt said…
You're interested in vision and the brain? You MUST read these lectures. Not all about vision, but quite a lot, and I guarantee you will be fascinated.

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