The impending passage of time

Good Lord - flipping through people from my class in the Facebook (Class of '01), it's a bit scary to see that people are starting to put up wedding pics on their profiles. Fifth year reunions coming up - interesting to see how so much has changed for some people.

Of course, two separate cab drivers this week asked me whether I was still in school. Even though both times I was wearing a suit. Thus adding to the occasional feeling that sometimes I'm just playing dress-up.


Haha, well would you rather feel like a boring grown-up in a suit?

P.S. I am soo facebooking you.
Daryl said…
Heh - add me!

Here's a question: do other schools have a real, physical Facebook?
I know the U. of Chicago has one (I think), but I'm not sure if other schools do. DU doesn't. Does Harvard?
Daryl said…
Yup - the site was started by a few kids from Harvard (its original incarnation had only one school, heh) so I was wondering whether the name made sense to others.

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