The Simpsons, in real life

More fun videos: the Simpsons intro, recreated in real life.

(Source - also, any CSS/HTML wizzes know how to get a border around an embedded video, the same way I have borders around my pics? Putting in a style="border: 1px solid #586;" in the object tag only leads to a weird effect where I get half a border)


Tym said…
Sweet! Or is it more appropriate that I pull a Monty Burnsian "Excellent..."
Yuhui said…
The border effect doesn't work because of the nature of objects/plug-ins. If my hunch is correct, the browser doesn't know how much space an object uses just before the plug-in is loaded, therefore it will draw the border at the default size. Thus the weird effect.

I can't find an easy way around it. Your best bet is to put the object in a div, then resize the div to be the width of the object. Then add your border to the div.
Yuhui said…
Or rather, it's not that the browser doesn't know how much space to use (since the width and height are specified)...

Actually, I don't know why the browser doesn't respect the specified size! Could be something to do with the way plug-ins are loaded. But the solution is the same.

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