Cataloguing my music

An idle long-term project of mine is to properly catalogue my MP3s - making sure the album name is right, that sort of thing - especially tough since a lot were burnt from vinyl, and the attribution was quite spotty. You would think find the info is easy with the Internet, but there's a lot of bad info out there. Also, I'm picky: I like my MP3s to reflect the albums the songs were first released on. (Winamp has a media library that helps with attribution, but more often than not it just finds a random compilation instead of the original album.) So I should say that I've found two sites invaluable:
  • Rolling Stone's website, which has proper attribution of release dates, making it easy to distinguish greatest-hits collections from the original albums. It also has all the Rolling Stone reviews, including Lester Bangs' work. Great stuff.
  •, which is really, really spectacular when it comes to dance music vinyl - it separates out the various 12" / CD single versions and even gives label info. Amazing when you're trying to pin down where your particular remix came from.
There was a time when All Music Guide would've worked for me, but it's become awfully slow and doesn't work on Firefox. Sigh.


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