Top 500?

Rolling Stone's criminal list of the top 500 songs of all time. Sure, nominate "Like a Rolling Stone" as your #1 why don't you? Great song, but there's an all too easy reference to the mag's own name. Plus, "Hey Jude" is not the best Beatles song. Not even close.

Edit: Using the sort-by date, here's a rough count. (Definitely miscounted somewhere, since it doesn't add up, but the trend is clear)

50s - 73 songs
60s - 204 songs
70s - 142 songs
80s - 55 songs
90s - 20 songs
00s - 3 songs
'VH1 Divas Live' - 1 song (hey, don't blame me if the sort by date function is weird)

That's just wrong. I love the 60s, but you're telling me there were 10 times more great songs written then than in the 90s? Pshaw.

Edit: here's a list of songs that should've made it in.


Mr. G said…
Jesus I hate Rolling Stone. They come up with some stupid list every other month. But so does a lot of other music mags as well - but at least they dun put artists like Britney on the cover. This used to be one of the most respected rock mags. Sigh.

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