iTunes store

Woohoo! Much as I've derided iTunes, I always wanted the store to work in Singapore, and I figured out that as long as you have a US credit card you can shop for tunes online. Mmm. Quality recordings, proper tags. Well worth $0.99 a song.

Plus, by putzing around, I figured out how to make a wishlist - just create a playlist and drag songs from the iTunes store onto it. So I guess I answered this man's question. Of course, it turns out the info's buried in the iTunes website anyway.

Worst thing I've learnt from the store: there's a Jennifer Love Hewitt version of "Me and Bobby McGee"? If there's anything anyone knows about Jennifer Love Hewitt, it's that she's never been busted flat in Baton Rouge... and probably never flat-busted anywhere else.

Edit: speaking of wish lists, here's a bunch of cover songs I've been wanting. Of which I only have Jimmy Eat World's cover of the Prodigy's "Firestarter".


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