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Here's a funny snarky post on Indian Stallion on Singapore Idol's Indian-themed episode:
So how did they go about it you ask? Well they had the Singapore Idol contestants run around trees that they set up on stage. They also talked in strong exaggerated Indian accents. It's amazing how they manage to capture the very essence of what the local Indian community is all about with that little skit. Because that's what we Indians pride ourselves most on - for dancing around trees in our Bollywood movies and talking English in really funny Indian accents.
He follows up with a parody of what would be the equivalent for the Chinese population ("instead of dancing around trees, they could have those jumping zombies you see in those Chinese horror movies fighting shaolin pugilists who will use celebrated kungfu styles like the infamous Dragon's Dick style").

Quite sad, really, the lack of cross-cultural understanding that sometimes arises (even if people like the Sari Party Girl try their best). This whole stereotype of Bollywood movies as involving running around coconut trees - where did it come from? I guess it would be too much to ask that everyone be completely familiar with various cultures, but surely there should be some recognition of what's clearly a stereotype. Was this Indian segment really put up on Singapore Idol? I haven't been following the show, but the "tribute" sounds horribly insensitive.

Speaking of Indian movies, I keep meaning to watch more of Satyajit Ray's stuff, but I haven't been able to drag my sorry ass down to the Esplanade to borrow more DVDs.


Mr. G said…
Thanks for the heads up. Well I didn't see the actual tribute myself to be honest. But two of my friends described to me. As mentioned in the entry, I am waiting for the encore telecast to be shown on TV!

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