Drama Queen

Flipping through blogs, I found this list: Ten signs you're a drama queen:


2) You refer to yourself in the third person.

3) You warn people not to bring drama into your life.

4) The problem is never you -- it's always "them."

5) You leave behind a trail of chaos wherever you go.

6) You like this (#5).

7) You ask people for help with a problem, then you tell every single respondent why they are wrong and how that is not possibly something you could do. You get mad when people get mad at you for this.

8) You keep doing the same things that get the same crappy result, over and over and over. Then you complain to everyone about how unhappy you are about it, but how you are powerless to change it.

9) You make grand declarations about yourself, your life, and your amazing personality, only to completely forget about them and/or reject them within a few weeks, if not a few days.

10) You turn a blind eye to the havoc you wreak on others by your actions.


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