Reclaiming morality

Jackie Ashley has a good column in the Guardian about the increasingly narrow definition of "morality":
The suggestion is that a family man who owns a couple of gas-guzzling cars, several homes, a motor-yacht and a private plane, who avoids taxes by clever siting of his company, and who can't stand "queers" and foreigners, yet goes to church twice a week, is living an ideal moral life. In fact, for many of us, he would be about the least moral example we could think of.
I think it's easy to focus on the "do nots" - do not do this, do not do that. The much harder task morally is loving your neighbour and your fellow man, and fulfilling your responsibility to society. It's understandable that people may have different means to that end (a free market approach vs a redistributive approach, for instance) but I feel it's important to acknowledge at least that the moral life is far more than adherence to select tenets, important as those may be.


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