Worst twist endings

David Edelstein summarises his readers' votes for worst twist endings to movies. The Life of David Gale takes first place, unsurprisingly. For me Fight Club (#9) is one of the worst offenders - I think the "split personality" thing struck me as trying too hard to seem deep without really succeeding. But the absolute disappointment was Unbreakable, which had a "surprise" ending that could be figured out in 10 minutes...

As for plain bad endings, Signs was extremely underwhelming. Ooh, water. Boy, those aliens really didn't do their homework.

On the flip side, one of my favourites is the twist ending of Memento. Or perhaps it should be called a twist middling, given the temporal structure of the film.


lainey said…
worse ending ever for me is The Village
White Noise.

Apt title cuz that's what the whole movie was - noise.
hmmm...interesting post :)

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