Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

Easter here in Singapore isn't the chocolate festival it was in America, where the local Target had aisles upon aisles of Peeps, as well as Reese's Pieces, M&Ms, and other assorted sweets shaped like eggs. But I'm still looking forward to picking up a chocolate rabbit once Easter is over and the stores have to clear stock.

Since we're on the topic of candy, here's a query: is it one Mento, or one Mentos?

And I just discovered that there's a device that lets you make your own marshmallow Peeps. That's almost as cool as personalised M&Ms.


mis_nomer said…
Ooh reese's pieces... I had forgotten about those.

Mento/Mentos link is interesting. Although I'll insist, "Now that I've posted a comment, may I have a Mentos please?"

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