Apparently my decision not to get an iPod because I don't like the Chicago font it uses has been featured in Wired's Japan website, leading to a minor infestation of Japanese tech-geeks on this here blog (assuming, of course, that Wired Japan has the same demographic of readership as its American counterpart). Lord knows what they say about me since I 1) can't read Japanese and 2) don't even have the Asian fonts plug-ins installed. What's "persnickety" and "finicky" in Japanese?


zhi yang said…
The article was something like "The reason to which not to buy an iPod"

That should give you a clue of what they were saying about you.
Daryl said…
Oh, that's all right then. As long as it wasn't "take a look at this ridiculous man".
zhi yang said…
But it was somewhere along the lines of your reason being ridiculous. You should really enter that page into some online translator and take a look at it yourself. :p

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