Wednesday, 23 March 2005


Apparently my decision not to get an iPod because I don't like the Chicago font it uses has been featured in Wired's Japan website, leading to a minor infestation of Japanese tech-geeks on this here blog (assuming, of course, that Wired Japan has the same demographic of readership as its American counterpart). Lord knows what they say about me since I 1) can't read Japanese and 2) don't even have the Asian fonts plug-ins installed. What's "persnickety" and "finicky" in Japanese?

The article was something like "The reason to which not to buy an iPod"

That should give you a clue of what they were saying about you.

Oh, that's all right then. As long as it wasn't "take a look at this ridiculous man".

But it was somewhere along the lines of your reason being ridiculous. You should really enter that page into some online translator and take a look at it yourself. :p

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