Dog personalities

Am in Indiana right now, chilling with Coconut. Caught an article in the Economist on how dogs really do have personalities - since that content is subscriber-only, here's an Irish Times article on the same subject. Clearly that's obvious to many of us dog owners, but of course we'd be biased., so it's nice to know it's not just us human owners anthropomorphising. There are four categories of doggy personality, apparently: energy level; affection; calmness/anxiety; and competence (a combination of being dependable and open to new experiences). Interesting...


AcidFlask said…
Enjoying the freak blizzard? ;-)
How about visiting nearby Champaign-Urbana?
Anonymous said…
Hey, it's denise.. just happened to chance upon your blog...

how's it going? kinda sad that i need to find out what's going on in your life via your blog.. but erm, guess that's the internet for you!

anyhow, have a good trip in indy.. catch up w you (and perhaps jigx, if he's in town) soon.

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