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Back in Singapore after I was bumped off my regularly scheduled flight - got a nice airline voucher and an upgrade to business class for my pains. Note to self: wherever possible, fly business. If only for the ability to sleep lying down, and the in-chair massage function.

Movies watched in the last 24 hours: The Incredibles, Ray, Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason, Finding Neverland. Although the in-flight entertainment shut down 10 minutes from the end of Finding Neverland so I guess I've got to figure out a way to find out what happens...


See any cute stewardesses??? :)
she watched and even participated in the play put on in a bedroom specially for her.

last scene shows depp with her left-behind, grieving son..
T said…
which airline you flewed?
Daryl said…
Northwest. Frequent flyer programmes do breed loyalty, I guess.

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