Football's coming home

Why do football fans sing, while American football fans don't? The Washington Post finds some who theorise about individuality versus community ("although the social structure in many European countries is less fixed than it was ages ago... thinking in group terms is still more prevalent when it comes to self-definition. The different classes are replaced by different soccer teams one can identify with."). If you ask me, it's probably because Americans just don't have any good chants...


hamster_grrl said…
I think you're right. When I (an American) was at the Australian Open this year, I was in awe of the other countries with their fabulous makeup/costume combinations and co-operative chants, even the simple "Aussie Aussie Aussie-Oi Oi Oi" was fun to hear. I was sad that all I could think of for Americans was "USA! USA!", which, IMHO, is just boring. There's no back and forth, no real team feeling behind it.
mis_nomer said…
Thanks for the link. I agree with the individual/ collective analysis. Just read a book that says the same thing, only in a less fun way. :)
Daryl said…
hamster_grrl: yeah, USA! USA! sounds pretty dull... I mean, America of all countries has some pretty great songs sung about it (Ray Charles' take on "America the Beautiful", for instance) - you would think some of it translates into the sporting arena.

mis_nomer: I don't know about the analysis, some of it seems to be overreaching to me.

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