My DVD Collection

Obsessive-compulsive ways to spend the weekend: cataloguing one's film collection. So, yes, there I was, using my Mac's iSight camera to scan DVD barcodes... if only the Delicious Library app recognised more non-US/UK/Japan DVDs though! But that's a function of them using Amazon for their catalogue - no region 3 DVDs on Amazon, I guess. Still, it's nice to see a visual representation of my DVD collection (see screenshot above!). And it'll help me track those DVDs I occasionally lend out. (Ooh - that reminds me - a friend still has my copies of Withnail and I and The Rules of Attraction!)

I realised with DVDs I often have a memory associated not just with the film, but also with where I purchased the film - my copy of Crazed Fruit, for instance, came from Montreal media emporium Archambault, which I stumbled onto one briskly cool day. I suppose that's one of the joys of physical media as opposed to, say, buying a video off iTunes - but then I suppose not everyone's experience with DVDs is quasi-Proustian...

Next step - and one involving a deep, deep breath: cataloguing the music collection.


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