So my brother bought a new foosball / table football set (never did figure out why the German name for football got associated with the game) via Inta-web auction, and the two of us drove out to pick it up over the weekend.

Sometimes it's fun talking to the brother - we ended up talking about the same repertoire of all the music in hip-hop clubs in Singapore (and wondered why people seem not to get tired of the similar progressions - "Hollaback Girl" etc etc), the innate sadness of the lyrics of "Hey Ya!" (a pet topic of mine), and why there should be more of Killers songs played in clubs. I got a bit confused because I thought he was referring to Seal/Adamski's "Killer". Which I haven't heard in years, and is a pretty decent song.

Thought: even in Singapore with its erstwhile taste for retro music, the late 80s/early 90s gets passed over a bit - it would be nice to hear "Dub Be Good to Me".

But anyway that also made me think, as a variant of cover versions, how many different songs could I name that had the same name? I came down to not a very impressive list:

"Crazy" - Seal, Gnarls Barkley, Britney Spears, Patsy Cline
"Hold On" - Wilson Phillips, En Vogue

Anyway, the photo above shows Rerun enthusiastically looking on as my parents played on the set.


Anonymous said…
There is Mari Hamada's "Hold On", if you remember her.

I always think of "Crazy" as being more of a Willie Nelson song than a Patsy Cline one though.
Anonymous said…
Isn't there a "Crazy" by Aerosmith?
Daryl said…
zhaki - I remember that! Man, such nostalgia.

anon - yes, there is. Part of the great set of videos with Alicia Silverstone...

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